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This event brings to light the Mayor of San Antonio’s choice to miss a great business opportunity for our city (RNC bid). This showcases poor leadership and diversity.

No more closed door meetings. We demand city meetings be filmed and posted to the city agenda regardless of council, board or committee. If our police officers must use body cameras, so should our mayor and city council and public officials.

We must bring to light what’s occurring in our city and make our voices heard. Urge friends and family to get involved and know what’s going on in our community.

Shorter term limits for mayor & city council. 2 year terms with a max of 2 terms. Either 2 terms as mayor, 2 terms of city council or 1 term of each.

We want an amendment to the city charter making the ‘Recall Referendum’ to recall city officials less demanding.

We will assemble at city hall to make our existence known.
More details to follow.

Postings should clean and appropriate!

Remove La Antorcha away from Alamo Plaza

The sculpture of the giant torch near the Alamo is symbolic of supremacy over the immigrants who lost their lives in defense of the mission fort. These immigrants were slaughtered and torched in mass funeral pyres, at the command of General Santa Anna, the dictator of Mexico. What remains were left, after a year had passed, were buried in many locations, most unknown.

The ‘Reimagine the Alamo’ plan will move the Cenotaph (derived from the Greek: kenos taphos, meaning ‘empty tomb’), entitled The Spirit of Sacrifice, closer to the 50 foot Torch erected by Mexican Businessmen and the Mexican Consulate of San Antonio.
The proponents of the sculpture say it is a symbol of friendship but that is not the message it conveys to the people. It is intolerant and reminds us of the bigotry and savagery that occurred and we demand it be moved away from downtown.

La Antorcha de la Amistad, or as we know it, La Antorcha del Odio (The Torch of Hate) is a constant reminder of our inequality, that we are nothing more than ‘norteamericano pirata de la tierra’ worthy of being slaughtered like cattle. It must be removed or relocated somewhere away from Alamo Plaza to respect the immigrants who gave their lives for Liberty and Freedom over tyrannical dictatorship.

We are constantly reminded of its presence when we go downtown or watch the news; it is even being incorporated into the skyline of our city so now we see this symbol everywhere.

We have contacted the District 1 Councilman Roberto Treviño and the Mexican Consulate, neither of which have responded.

Please join us in removing this offensive & thoughtless sculpture for a friendlier city and a more compassionate San Antonio.